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W.G. Hays and Associates

W. G. Hays & Associates, LLC (H&A) is a corporate financial consulting firm that focuses on services as state and federal fiduciaries, forensic consultants, and other consulting services to the legal and financial community. H&A’s consultants have combined uninterrupted experience of over forty years in administering and providing services in major bankruptcy and fraud cases. The Firm also regularly employs and manages major law firms and, when necessary, international accounting organizations and private investigators, to fully meet the demands of its larger engagements.

William G. “Bill” Hays founded our predecessor firm, William G. Hays & Associates, Inc. in 1974, and of course, H&A is also his namesake. After working under Bill’s guidance and wisdom for many years, Bill Perkins and Dan Hays formed H&A in 2000 to continue providing professional services to the legal and financial communities. Read more about Bill Hays here.

Fiduciary Services

Fiduciaries serve in positions of trust for the benefit of third parties. For over two decades, H&A’s principals have served in support of Bill Hays and other court-appointed fiduciaries, as well as serving as fiduciaries themselves. As a result, the Firm has extensive experience in all phases of bankruptcy and receivership management and administration. H&A and its consultants have been appointed in various Bankruptcy Courts, District Courts and State Superior Courts to serve in capacities that include chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee, bankruptcy examiner, federal and state receiver, and similar roles.

Forensic Consulting

“Forensic” is commonly defined as “pertaining to, connected with, or used in courts of law or public discussion and debate.” This practice area encompasses efforts performed in support of counsel in active litigation, often termed “litigation support,” as well as investigative accounting and record reconstruction. Our consultants frequently provide fact and/or expert witness testimony in these engagements, as well as assistance in all phases of discovery.

Other Consulting Services

H&A represents major lending institutions and other corporations with emphasis on discovery and recovery from distressed loans and from fraudulent activities. H&A’s representation is professional and confidential and the client is kept informed in all stages of the assignment. In most cases, the goal is to review operations to discover the reason for the loss and to explore all avenues for recovery from collateral, from guarantors and from litigation with third parties.