Representative H&A Cases and Projects

W.G. Hays and Associates

Acme Trading Corporation

Bankruptcy preference defense analysis on behalf of outside counsel of this California furniture importer

Arrow Lumber Company

Financial advisor to secured lender; reviewed company financial viability, negotiated resolution of debt with Company management

Atlanta Erosion Consulting

Financial review and viability analysis on behalf of lending institution

Bill Heard Enterprises, Inc. et al.   [See Trustee website]

Liquidating Trustee and financial advisor to the creditors' committee of the United States' largest Chevrolet dealership chain in seven states, from Florida to Nevada.

Carolina Investors, Inc.

Bankruptcy examiner of this Pickens, SC marketer of unsecured notes affiliated with the HomeGold Financial Inc. case; see HomeGold

Carraway Methodist Health Systems, et al.

Class 5 Creditor Representative appointed in Plan of Liquidation of this Birmingham, Alabama hospital.

Center for Specialty Eye Care, LLC.

Receiver in Fulton Superior Court employed to separate the practices of this medical partnership, collect medical receivables and pay off partnership debts

CEP Holding Inc. - Colon End Parenthesis Trust, LLC    [See Trustee website]

Federal receiver, chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee and plan trustee of this internet Ponzi scheme involving high yield investment schemes; over 5,000 participants in over 30 countries with losses exceeding $10 million

Data Transit International, Inc.

Chapter 11 trustee of this Atlanta computer timesharing service center; sale and orderly liquidation of assets

Deveron Group/X-Media

Receiver in Fulton County Superior Court of these shell companies that were used by their principals to defraud several banks of over $10 million; forensic analysis and liquidation of assets

Femi Folorunsho

Receiver in Cobb County Superior Court; investigated allegations of employee defalcations, traced funds and liquidation of assets.

Harrell, M. and L.

Forensic investigation of real estate investor.

Home Equity Loan Products Inc.

Receivership in Cobb County Superior Court of this mortgage loan broker, investigation of allegations by partners and liquidation.

HomeGold Financial, Inc.

Bankruptcy examiner of this publicly traded holding company and its subsidiary HomeGold Inc., which was a specialty finance company in the business of originating, selling and servicing subprime mortgage company in South Carolina; investigated allegations of fraud and tracing of funds regarding $270 million loss in upstate South Carolina; investigation lead to the indictment and conviction of five members of HomeGold's management.

Horizon Molecular Medicine

Expert testimony regarding the duties and qualifications of a receiver; deposition

Infinite Trading Group

Commodity Futures Trading Commission receivership investigating allegations of fraudulent activity and liquidation of assets.

International Management Associates, LLC et al.

State and federal receivership, chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee, plan trustee of this Atlanta based hedge fund management company, its hedge funds and affiliates; Ponzi scheme investigation and extensive litigation management

Lenox Insurance

Receiver in Superior Court of Fulton County, liquidating receivables and serving as its premium escrow agent.

LinkTel Communications, Inc.

Receivership in Superior Court of Fulton County, investigation of this payphone marketer and operator in the Southeast; operated and liquidated in due course.

Minolta Technologies

Preference claim defense for camera vendor in the Wolf Camera bankruptcy.

Netrail, Inc.

Liquidating Agent under the plan of liquidation for this first tier internet service provider

Octagon Air Systems

Observed physical inventories of WIP and finished goods and viability analysis on behalf of secured lender to this commercial HVAC contractor

Peachtree Natural Gas, Inc.

Liquidating Agent under the bankruptcy plan of liquidation for this Georgia natural gas marketer

Preferred Alliance Inc.

Financial advisor to chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee; forensic analysis and claims administration

Premier Utilities & Services, Inc.

Receiver in Superior Court of Cobb County; liquidated this wholesaler of utility piping and related supplies Florida and Georgia operations, collected its receivables and paid secured creditors

Rapid Link Inc.

Financial advisor to creditors' committee and chapter 11 Trustee of this provider of international telephone services; operated briefly post petition and liquidated

RFB Cellular, Inc.

Financial review of the books and records of this California cell phone services company on behalf of the secured lender

Raza, Ali

Receiver in Superior Court of Fulton County; investigated allegations of wrongful activity.

Rhodes, Inc.

Analysis and expert testimony at trial for debtor seeking bankruptcy preference and other avoidance claims.

Rosemary Sissine

Bankrutpcy examiner of this individual debtor investigating recovery potential regarding multiple companies related to real estate developer husband

Snider Chevrolet

Financial review and forensic investigation of Chevrolet dealership on behalf of the secured creditor.

Surfair Incorporated

Chapter 11 Trustee of this Atlanta freight-forwarding company; liquidated oil and gas assets, as well as its airport real estate; distributed proceeds to creditors.

Thomas Recycling Inc.

Forensic accounting investigation and analysis on behalf of secured lender of this middle Georgia metals recycler

Walthour, Yolanda Harris

Receiver in Cobb County of this individual; investigated allegations of wrongful acts and liquidated assets.