William G. Hays, Jr.

William G. Hays

In October 2007, Bill Hays was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors in recognition of his remarkable career as a prominent member of the Atlanta business community, and in particular in his many roles in support of the bankruptcy courts and lending institutions.

After completing his undergraduate and graduate education at the University of Georgia and the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Hays served as vice president of Commercial Trust Company and later as president and chief executive officer of Commercial Acceptance Corporation for about15 years before forming his financial consulting firm, William G. Hays & Associates, Inc. (Hays & Associates), in 1974.

As president of Hays & Associates, Mr. Hays specialized in insolvency matters as well as providing a variety of services to lending institutions. Mr. Hays often served as a court-appointed fiduciary in such roles as bankruptcy trustee, litigation trustee, bankruptcy examiner, receiver, special master, special agent and distribution agent. Also, Bill Hays and his staff provided financial advisory services to attorneys and fiduciaries in these same roles.

A list of Hays & Associates many clients and engagements under the direction of Mr. Hays is too lengthy to provide here, but he ably served most of the major Atlanta law firms as well as the Northern District of Georgia bankruptcy and district courts. Now retired from active fiduciary roles, Bill Hays continues to serve as mentor, counselor and advocate for his namesake firm, W. G. Hays & Associates, LLC.